Top 10 E-Cigarette Brands
1 V2Cigs Review $49.95 95% Excellent V Good Good 96 READ REVIEW
2 Vapor Couture Review $79.95 95% Ok V Good Good 92 READ REVIEW
3 GreenSmoke Review $69.99 85% Good Excellent Good 90 READ REVIEW
4 SmokeTip Review $59.95 80% Ok Good Good 88 READ REVIEW
5 Eversmoke Review $59.99 70% Ok Average Ok 85 READ REVIEW
6 South Beach Review $59.99 70% Ok Ok Ok 86 READ REVIEW
7 Vantage Vapor Review $49.95 80% Ok Ok Ok 73 READ REVIEW
8 Blu Cigs Review $69.95 65% Poor Ok Ok 79 READ REVIEW
9 Bullsmoke Review $59.95 70% Ok Poor Average 74 READ REVIEW
10 Premium Review $69.95 65% Average Average Average 77 READ REVIEW
If you have finally decided to switch to electronic cigarettes, the next important step is to find the best device for you. In order to aid you in this decision, we have put the most popular e-cigarette brands to the test and have listed our choice of the top ten. To provide you with all the information that you need, we acquire and try every product reviewed and test every element that is important for the users. We take into consideration the vapor production and thickness, the battery life, and the quality. We aim to offer you the latest information regarding the best e-cigs available in the market.

Acknowledgement: is an independent website, offering electronic cigarette reviews. Although we receive some rewards from the companies reviewed, this does not affect the quality and impartiality of our reviews. We guarantee that our ranking is based purely in the results of our tests on the products reviewed.

How do we test vapour quantity and battery life?

After purchasing an electronic cigarette that we are going to review, we use it for at least one full day in order to become familiar with the product and to discover its pros and cons. Once we have thoroughly tested a device, we prepare our reviews. We believe that a good review can only be provided by actually trying the product. Our commitment is to test each brand individually to offer you the most possible accurate information and our honest opinion about it.
How do we rate and evaluate the electronic cigarettes?
Vapor Volume
Vapor is one of the key elements to take into consideration when choosing an electronic cigarette. Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine the vapour quality until you have the product in your hands. That is why, we test each device and compare their vapor production to provide you with expert advice that will help you make an informed decision.
Battery Life
As we previously mentioned, durability is am important factor to consider. We test the battery life by using the product the whole day, that way we can check how long it will last throughout constant use. A battery that endures prolonged use during a full day is deemed as of average durability. Outstanding battery life means that the battery continued working after the day and low lasting means that it didn't make it throughout the day.
Quality of Product
Durability and quality should not be underestimated. Your device may be great in terms of vapour production and battery life, but this means nothing if it does not last and is the quality is not consistently good. To make sure we really put the battery life to the test, we use it completely and recheck the original product after one month without being used. This allows us to understand how trustable is the battery.
Overall Value
We have stressed the importance of vapor and battery duration, but this does not mean that we don't consider other relevant features. Accessories, chargers, cost and customer support are aspects that we also evaluate in our reviews.
Comparative Value
To find out the best value for money, it is not enough to compare prices between brands.We analyse the real cost and the breakdown of what you get from each company, including their money-back guarantees and special offers.
A good customer service plays huge part in a company's success. When you buy an electronic cigarette, you need to count with support and to have the confidence that if at some stage you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product. We follow up through the purchasing process to provide you information about the quality of customer support provided by the brands we test.